Friday, April 30, 2010

Pie #7: Black and Blue Mango Pie

I've got to get this posted STAT because I have a busy weekend ahead of me (work, pie, work, cupcakes...) and the day's half gone already. I'm starting to get behind on pretty much everything in life - but don't give up on me yet, there's more pies to be pied, even if I don't make it to my goal in time! In order to do so I think I'd pretty much have to make a pie every day at this point --- ain't happenin'!

But for now... Black and Blue Mango Pie.

So, for starters, if I make this pie again I'm going to buy twice the amount of fruit because I practically had to wedge my arm into the pre-heated oven to stop eating the berries and mangoes. I say "if," because after this pie I'm pretty sure that I've determined an official pie stance: I like creamy pies and fruity cobblers!!!

First of all, fresh fruit is a pain in the Aztec where pies are concerned. Obviously, when you see a delicious berry like the one below you're not gonna be inclined to cook it down to mush.

Secondly, when you get all these delicious juicy fruits into a crust, the delicious juices start becoming annoying because then you've got this somewhat soggy, un-cutable piece of bakework.

And then the #1 complaint for fruit pies becomes the reality: It comes out looking like fruit cobbler anyways, so why not just make a cobbler?! I looove the sweet-biscuit-type doughy goodness involved in cobbler much more than a thin, rolled pie crust! Since fruit pies pretty much require whipped cream or ice cream or whatever anyways, why not just skip the damn mess and time-consuming crust and bad presentation from the get-go...

...And make fruit cobbler wit yo fruits!

General bemoaning aside, this one came out looking quite lovely and was pretty much perfectly baked (I reduced the recommended oven temperature by 25 degrees and didn't use foil bands around the edges and it worked just great). It was also tasty... but if I'm gonna spend ten bucks on fruit filling... I'm gonna eat half of it beforehand and put the rest in a cobbler.

But that's just me, y'all. =)

Rating: ****Pielettes
I'll give this pie a four pielette rating for three reasons: (1) The berries and mango combination was quite tasty, (2) It came out looking great, and (3) I love interesting/unusual combinations. When I think Apple or Peach or PECAN pie... Well, when I wake up after the very thought of the aforementioned pies has put me to sleep, I think BORING PIE PIE IS BORING. But even though I know it's just gonna taste like hot fruit, when I think about BLACK AND BLUE MANGO PIE I get really excited for a couple hours at least. Flavor-wise... it was good. Tasted like fruit, which I enjoy for-to-taste! Didn't really taste the crust since the dang thing fell apart like nobody's business as soon as it was cut - but who cares?! It'll be a delicious cobbler one day!!! *GRIN*

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  1. Oh my. Those berries made me drool a little.