Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pie #4: Pistachio Pie

Since I don't like pecans or bourbon *gasp* but wanted to give an accurate taste test result for Pie #3, I decided to re-make it - this time omitting the bourbon and substituting pistachios! I started with the easy pie crust recipe, this time substituting ground pistachios for bourbon and pecans in the crust and then hand-fluting the outer edge for some aesthetic appeal (as well as keeping the crust from sticking the lip of the plate!)

I baked the crust for a little less time and then put it in the freezer to chill while I prepared the filling. Same as before - kayo syrup, brown and white sugar, butter, salt, etc.

I covered the whole pie with foil (rather than just the crust edges) and baked it for an hour on 325 degrees before removing the foil and finishing it up on 325 for another 15 min (total baking time 75 min). As you can see, the crust made it through a little less sunburned, and I attribute that to Wonder Woman. Obviously.

Results: ****Pielettes
Not only were the pistachios delicious and somewhat pleasantly surprising, but the pie tasted even better the next day, and again the day after! The filling was again kind of cobbler-y, which I liked, and the saltiness of the nuts contrasted nicely with the almost-too-sweet filling (kayo syrup and two types of sugar, man!). Texture was good, but I would probably improve on it by chopping the nuts up a little. I liked the fluted crust, was definitely more appealing, and I now advocate putting foil over the whole kit and kaboodle before baking. Overall consensus from the testing team at Le Deauville was that it was "vur tasty" and "unusual." Charlie, the pecan pie aficionado, liked the pecans better but still thought it was good. I liked it better than the pecan pie, but again, I dislike pecans and bourbon, so that's just a given.

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