Monday, April 5, 2010

Pie #3: Southern Pecan Pie with Bourbon Whipped Cream

Since TJ Maxx was closed for Easter and I need a few kitchen implements before attempting my next rolled crust... I decided to bend my own rules a little (c'mon people, you know me) and use my Olde Standby crust recipe for this pie. Delightfully enough, it requires no rolling, takes approx. 3 minutes to put together, and is as tasty as it is easy.

I made a few revisions to Ye Olde Recipe and added bourbon and crushed pecans to the crust before baking for 5 minutes on 450 degrees. Once baked, the crust cooled its heels in the frigidaire while I put together the filling, which consisted of eggs, white and brown sugar, vanilla, Kayo syrup, butter, and bourbon. I poured the filling into the shell, sprinkled 1 1/2 cup of pecans on top, and then drizzled the nuts with 2 TBSP of melted butter.

Then I popped this southern delight into the oven with a drip pan below and baked it for 75 minutes on 325 degrees.

I think that I might need to adjust the cooking temperature, because, like the pies before this, the crust got a little too overdone, despite covering it with foil bands.

The pie needed to cool/set for a minimum of three hours, so I waited until the next morning to do a tasting with my test audience... The Black Feather Cafe staff!!! (GO TEAM FEATHER!)

I served up the pie with a hearty dollop of bourbon-flavored whipped cream, and despite the fact that I'd missed the label "black cherry flavored" on the bourbon, the overall consensus was "MMM good."

Upon trying it myself, I find that I agree!

Rating: ****Four Pielettes

Starting with the "Things To Work On," I need to make sure and butter the pie plate before baking the crust, because I couldn't get the slices out very neatly! Also, I think I need to adjust the cooking temperature as my oven seems a little over-zealous. Beyond that criticism, however, I think the crust was flavorful and the consistency came out just right - a little thicker than a rolled crust. The filling was really good, and had almost a cobbler-like consistency to it, which I liked, and you could definitely taste the bourbon (which didn't taste like cherry, thankfully)! I think this would be a great pie to bring to a potluck or bbq - as it is dense, you don't need a huge slice. It was relatively easy to prepare, and presentation is also good. Yay for non "FAIL" pie day!

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